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"I believe language should hit directly to the heart"

- ruth weiss


Janine Pommy Vega

“I mean I write since I was five. I wrote a lot of work. But I was not recognized too much. But all of a sudden, the last few years … [whistles] it’s incredible. And it’s the right time. So I was not that well known. I made a film in 1961 [The Brink], the only one I directed actually. I’ve been in many movies, but that’s the only one I directed and it’s one of my poems; it was very little paid attention to, but all of a sudden it’s now … it was in Venice, at the Whitney Museum in New York, last week it was at the Hudson Art Fair, somebody showed it in Ghent … all of a sudden. So I was not recognized in those days, but actually I came to San Francisco before that whole Beat thing happened, or what they call it … it was in full bloom I would say about 1955, but I was already in San Francisco in 52 living in North Beach. I was already living there when the other Beats arrived.”

—   ruth weiss in conversation with Thomas Antonic 2012
Photo of Elise Cowen and Allen Ginsberg

Revolutionary Letter #2 by Diane di Prima

Sharing in celebration of her 80th Birthday! 

The Allen Ginsberg Project: Diane Di Prima's 80th Birthday   

Wishing this amazing woman and poet a fantastic 80th birthday!!

Fun Maps: The Beat Generation in NYC, Across the Country, and France | Untapped Cities

“i have never worked with straight lines”

—   ruth weiss (via irresponsiblewanderlustofthesoul)

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"It is only her silence that I wish to give up" - Joyce Johnson, Minor Characters

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